We are confident that our solution has resolved the issue. This will conclude the updates to the status page regarding this outage.

We greatly apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you


A number of users have reported that they can no longer see this issue after a fix has been put in place. Awaiting full engineer confirmation of fix deployment and resolution.

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Darren Schmeyz

This issue has been identified by our engineers and is being corrected. More to follow.

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Darren Schmeyz

We have discovered an issue with CSV import failures within Veeqo. This incident is currently being investigated to determine the root cause of the issue. Status and updates will continue until the incident has been resolved. We apologise for this disruption to your service.

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Darren Schmeyz
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Affected components
  • Veeqo Platform
    • Hosted In United States
    • Hosted In EMEA